ESP8266 + Arduino + Eclipse

TL;DR: PlatformIO offers a complete toolchain, libraries, makefile and IDE integration Making a new microcontroller work is hard. You need to get a feel for the surrounding community and the way the manufacturer imagined them to work. PlatformIO solves all those problems and more. What you get is: the toolchain package management for libraries makefile

Wind Turbine: Cutting the blades

TLDR: I cut my blades using a chainsaw This happened a year ago. I never posted it because i “wanted to do it right and give good documentation”. But i think some pictures are better than nothing. Theory My goal is to cut 3 blades from the collected wood. Each blade  is tapered. This means

Variable Frequency Drive over Wifi

TLDR: Set the waterpump’s power over wifi I’m using a Siemens Micromaster Vector to continuously drive a waterpump. This way, i can change the frequency and with this the power usage. Unfortunately, the inverter is placed in a wet hole together with the pump and i don’t want to climb down to change the frequency.