Fixing a chinese 3D Printer: Part 1

TL;DR: You have a lot of work to do until this is usable Introduction I’ve bought an Anet A8 für 143€, everything included. It’s a clone of the the Prusa i3 and available under all kinds of brandings and with every changing components. Here are the things I’ve learned on my way.   Common Errors which have

Repairing an USB-flash-drive

TL;DR: USB flash-drives can be repaired in Software. I have broken quite a few USB-flash-drives in my life. It’s commonly not the file system but something in the nand-flash itself, caused by too many read/write-cycles, caused by compiling me gentoo system. BTRFS states these errors: [30368.777688] BTRFS: bad tree block start 18446744073709551615 63586304 [30368.778927] BTRFS:

Opening a Qi Wireless Power Pad Charger

I bought one of those cheap chinese Qi chargers. It’s only $6.28, including shipping. It charges my Nexus 4 flawlessly and is definitively worth the money. The specifications say it draws up to 1500mA at 5V (USB). You can get the actual charging current via adb, depending on your device: adb shell “cat /sys/class/power_supply/battery/current_now” mine