Teardown: SportDV Camera

TL;DR: Just buy big brand or open source cameras I ride a road bike in Germany, Cologne. And you probably know that 1% of drivers out there who are crazy and trying to work out their personal problems in traffic. Recently, someone opened his car-door intentionally when I was riding by. In the aftermath, the

Liquid thermal paste in laptop

TL;DR: Don’t use it in portable things as it cracks My laptop has become loud and slow over the years. This came from permanent 90°C CPU temperature and thermal throttling. From my experience, the manufacturer never uses the correct of thermal paste, so I opened my laptop up and applied Coollaboratory liquid pro thermal paste.

Connect Batteries easily

TL;DR: Use magnets to connect batteries Most Batteries contain Iron or Nickel. Just use a magnet to  connect the battery. On the other side you can use one of those cheap copper-clad cables from china or alligator clips Bonus: The magnets automatically disconnect if they reach ~90°C in case of a short circuit.

Lowside current measuring gone wrong

TL;DR: Always take into account the ground bounce. Introduction I’m developing a software controlled Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS). For this I need to measure current at ~250kHz. This is a recollection of the false assumptions and mistakes I made. The circuit I’ve decided to measure the current lowside as it seemed easier when I

Blackmagic probe

TL;DR: Flash new software to a cheap STLink v2 clone to get an integrated gdb Essentially, I just followed the the instructions in their wiki. I still had some problems guessing the pinout and documented my progress. Hardware: To program the controller with new software you need a second programmer. I used another STLink clone

Working with Lua on an ESP8266

TLDR; use luatool to upload scripts Lua is a scripting language which has been ported to the ESP8266. After flashing the latest firmware you can connect to the module using screen /dev/ttyUSB0 You probably want to save your entered code over a restart. Nodemcu offers a whole file api which tells you how to manipulate