PLA is not stable

TL;DR: Just don’t use PLA for anything you don’t want to fail   I’ve had a bunch of PLA items suddenly break on me, with no idea why. Especially screws and tensional load bearing parts broke. For example my Delta Extruder gave progressively worse results and I had no idea why. Apparently it was flexing?

FDM: Printing too hot, too cold, and about right

Summary: The optimal temperature for FDM printers depends on numerous considerations [cmtoc_table_of_contents] Introduction When I embarked on my 3D printing journey, I questioned, “What is the optimal temperature?” Responses varied from 180°C to 280°C, leading me to examine calibration cubes in detail. Sensors In case you are unsure about your sensor type, you’re most likely

3D-Design with openscad

TL;DR: You can program 3D stuff with openscad For a long time I’ve avoided designing 3D stuff myself. The reason is that my spatial imagination is really bad. I even get lost or take the longer route in cities I know. It’s a disaster in an unknown territory where I try to take a ‘shortcut’.

Fixing a chinese 3D Printer: Part 1

TL;DR: You have a lot of work to do until this is usable Introduction I’ve bought an Anet A8 für 143€, everything included. It’s a clone of the the Prusa i3 and available under all kinds of brandings and with every changing components. Here are the things I’ve learned on my way.   Common Errors which have